Our in-house, elec­tro depart­ment is mana­ged by two electri­cal engi­neers and inclu­des more than 10 elec­tri­ans and mecha­tro­nics. Becau­se of them we are able to do all electri­cal and elec­tro­nic tasks necessa­ry for the deli­very of a com­ple­te and run­ning machi­ne to our customers.

Projection and E‑Construction

  • E‑Construction with Eplan 
    • Deve­lo­p­ment of elec­tro-sche­ma­tics with Electric P8
    • Deve­lo­p­ment of pneu­ma­tic sche­ma­tics with Eplan Fluid
  • Pro­jec­ting of con­trol cabi­nets and switch gears accord­ing to standard
  • Dri­ve dimensioning
  • Retro­fit of machi­nes (e.g. from S5 to S7)
  • Pro­jec­ting and veri­fi­ca­ti­on of safe­ty cir­cuits accord­ing to ED ISO 13 849–1, EN / IEC 60 061

Assembly of control cabinets and machine cabling

  • For in-house desi­gned con­trol cabi­nets and machines
  • In line with the cus­to­mers order

Programming and commissioning

  • Con­trol technology: 
    • Sie­mens Sima­tic S5 and S7
    • Sie­mens Sinu­me­rik 840 D pl and 840 D sl
    • Pro­gramming with Sie­mens Step 5, Step 7 and TIA-Portal
  • HMI-Sys­tems
    • Sie­mens Sima­tic con­trol panels
    • Indus­tri­al com­pu­ter
    • Sie­mens Sinu­me­rik con­trol panels
    • Pro­gramming with Sie­mens Pro­to­col, WinCC fle­xi­ble, WinCC and TIA-Portal
  • Com­ple­te com­mis­sio­ning of machi­nes and plants
  • Dri­ve technology: 
    • SEW – Eurodrive
    • Sie­mens
    • Len­ze
  • Save­ty tech­no­lo­gy:
    • Pilz PNO2 multi
    • Sie­mens Safe­ty Integrated
    • Secu­re dri­ve technology
    • Euch­ner
  • Other ser­vices:
    • Remo­te maintenance
    • Retro­fit
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