gear wheel manufacturing

Manufacturing of spiral bevel gears with cyclo – palloid® gearing

We manu­fac­tu­re spi­ral bevel gears and other gears in the hig­hest qua­li­ty and shor­test deli­very time com­ple­te­ly in single-handedly.

More gea­ring options

  • Spur toot­hed and heli­cal toot­hed bevel gear wheel accord­ing to ISO 23509/ ISO 17485
  • Spur toot­hing to DIN 3960
  • Heli­cal toot­hing to DIN 3960
  • Klin­geln­berg cyclo – pal­lo­id® – gearing
  • Qua­li­ty 6 even for har­den­ed gears
  • sta­ting with modul 4
  • up to a refe­rence dia­me­ter of 1,800 mm

Quality assurance

To achie­ve the opti­mum qua­li­ty, we do con­stant­ly con­trol mea­su­re­ments during the manu­factu­ring. After­wards we will crea­te for our cus­to­mers a com­ple­te mea­su­re­ment record. This pro­to­col will be deli­ve­r­ed together with the bevel gear and the mate­ri­al test report.

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